Cilantros sit, eat & relax 


We were invited by a very nice lady to a dinner date at the very stylish Cilantros within Nelson Mandela Square. Who could resist really? Being responsible adults we “Ubered” to Nelson Mandela Square to try some tantalizing treats from the new kids on the square.

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Urbanologi Addiction


I have a confession I love food, okay not all food is/was created equal and I am a tad selective. Recently a new place popped onto our timeline, Urbanologi a new stunning place to try nestled in-between Mad Giants shiny beer fermenters, offering unique tastes that are not “typical” bar food.

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A memory in a biscuit tin


There are moments and jingles that stay in your head for a lifetime. The Bakers Man is one of those, I mean “who could make the sun rise and sprinkle it with joy”… Ps your welcome for the ear worm.

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Craft Revolution 


Saturday saw us venture to Silverstar casino for their first ever Craft Beer Revolution, we were invited to try out the festival and the number of breweries on display. First and most key point to mention was that this was indoors and had aircon which meant the 30+ degrees stayed outside. Comfort and drinking pleasure […]

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Madam Zingara an Adults Playground 

This is my favourite show of all, when tickets go on sale I literally squeal and phone like a mad woman to get tickets with credit card in hand. This past weekend saw our long wait come to an end, with our date with Madam Zingara and her talented henchmen. Deciding what to wear and […]

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Master your passion with Unilver and the SA Chef Association

It is a rare occurrence to be part of an event, sponsored by a large global powerhouse, where the event is more about the people than about promoting the corporation sponsoring the event. All too often, these organisations try to take the spotlight, to promote their brand. I guess I was lucky to be invited […]

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Belle Patisserie Launches a NEW Summer Menu

We were invited to sample the brand new Summer menu, launching on Friday 6 November created by Chef Anton, and boy is it delicious. We arrived to an array of mouth watering desserts on show each with the tell, tell mark of the Belle quality.  

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Let’s Meet, Let’s Brew, Let’s Deli


There is a new buzzword in lonehill, a call to action, one simple word to drive the sensations to a new taste and entertainment experience, the word is “let’s”. Let’s Meat, Let’s Brew, Let’s Deli!

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Mans Guide to 50 shades of Grey

Valentine’s day, the one day of the year that a man is expected to let loose, give in to girly side and do girly things and be all romantic like. Well, I do believe that the summit of Valentine’s day is taking your afterhours boss to go see 50 shades of grey. This review is […]

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