Cilantros sit, eat & relax 

We were invited by a very nice lady to a dinner date at the very stylish Cilantros within Nelson Mandela Square. Who could resist really? 

Being responsible adults we “Ubered” to Nelson Mandela Square to try some tantalizing treats from the new kids on the square. 

I must have been a magpie in my previous life as anything sparkly grabs my attention, and oh how Cilantro’s sparkles. There fresh decor suited for business meals or simple catch ups and the ever so popular date night. I sat stroking the couch for a while it’s velvet touch is irresistible, along with the sparkly cushions, but, what caught my eye besides the rose gold candle holders was the roof in the outside section, plants hanging from the ceiling covering it with green foliage, creating a unique outdoor/indoor feeling. 

 Now as invited guests we left our meal choices up to those in the know, as they say, and that worked out spectacularly well. With a range of mouth watering and tasty starters we ate and ate some more. 

Between us there were favourites all round but for me oh it was the calamari tubes (yum), although with such a variety of tastes appealing there is something for everyone, the smells were hypnotic and made you want to carry on eating even when you know you shouldn’t.

But I am a cocktail lady and had to try out their Cilantros cocktail, my oh my it has a punch to it but in the good warm and fuzzy way. It’s crisp flavours are both complementary and refreshing. There are more in the list that I would love to try but being a “school” night I refrained and had two. Needed to try the Rosemary cocktail and this too was wonderfully thought out with the flavours dancing on ones pallet. Don’t take my word try them for yourself.
Time to decide on mains and after eating myself stupid on the delicious starters, I was willing to expand the tummy and cram in more wonderful food. 

Now my love affair with Wagyu beef is no secret, and low and behold the wonderful Wagyu appears on the menu as sliders, three in fact each with a different topping. I was in taste heaven with the subtle hints of spices and the juices from the meat I was a slightly messy stuffed lady, but I didn’t care it was totally worth it. 

Mr ordered the slow cooked oxtail pasta, which was also packed with flavour (I may have stolen some). Paired with the craft beers they stock it was a complete and satisfying meal. 


Desserts oh where have you been hiding and can you squeeze into my overstuffed stomach? When you have been craving carrot cake for days and low and behold it’s there in the menu! Tasty and a good size portions means the meal ended on a high note. But it got better when the waiter brought out a variety from the menu with lots of spoons! 


What a fun and enjoyable evening. Cilantros has the right vibe, enthusiastic staff and a wide variety of tasty dishes. We would be back again because it’s an ideal place to lose some hours in. 

Talk to them, they are extremely friendly friendly warning they will make you hungry @Cilantr0s (with a zero) on Twitter and @CilantrosJhb on Instagram.

Note:- we were invited to Cilantr0s, our meal was not paid for by ourselves, however the views expressed are our own. 

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Urbanologi Addiction

I have a confession I love food, okay not all food is/was created equal and I am a tad selective.

Recently a new place popped onto our timeline, Urbanologi a new stunning place to try nestled in-between Mad Giants shiny beer fermenters, offering unique tastes that are not “typical” bar food.

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A memory in a biscuit tin

There are moments and jingles that stay in your head for a lifetime. The Bakers Man is one of those, I mean “who could make the sun rise and sprinkle it with joy”… Ps your welcome for the ear worm.

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Craft Revolution 

Saturday saw us venture to Silverstar casino for their first ever Craft Beer Revolution, we were invited to try out the festival and the number of breweries on display.

First and most key point to mention was that this was indoors and had aircon which meant the 30+ degrees stayed outside. Comfort and drinking pleasure was met by a number of bands playing classics, with the crowd joining in.

The image below is from earlier in the day it filled up quickly and had a constant good feeling buzz.    Continue reading

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Madam Zingara an Adults Playground 

This is my favourite show of all, when tickets go on sale I literally squeal and phone like a mad woman to get tickets with credit card in hand.

This past weekend saw our long wait come to an end, with our date with Madam Zingara and her talented henchmen. Deciding what to wear and what would best go with the face paint I’m bound to get, from shoe choices to hair drama the night was set.

Magic and energy adding to the atmosphere makes for a great night out, we were lucky and were infront of the masses waiting to experience the pure decadence of the show. First in line for face painting and then to wonder around the “new world”.

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Master your passion with Unilver and the SA Chef Association

It is a rare occurrence to be part of an event, sponsored by a large global powerhouse, where the event is more about the people than about promoting the corporation sponsoring the event. All too often, these organisations try to take the spotlight, to promote their brand. I guess I was lucky to be invited to the Unilever Food Solutions, Master your passion final held on the 29th October 2015 at the Culinary Center of Excellence, University of Johannesburg.

Senior chefs were asked to nominate their young stars, those fresh food stars with a passion for food who had the ambition, drive and heart to reach the top. The finalists from the nominees were then mentored by the best of the best on the South African culinary scene for the month of September.

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Belle Patisserie Launches a NEW Summer Menu

We were invited to sample the brand new Summer menu, launching on Friday 6 November created by Chef Anton, and boy is it delicious.

We arrived to an array of mouth watering desserts on show each with the tell, tell mark of the Belle quality.

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